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It’s widely known that 12:00am is the witching hour, however what might well be less understood is 3:33am, The Devils Hour. Creatures of the night it’s understandable that Motionless In White would be more apt working in early hours of the day than us humans. Announcing that their brand new album would be titled Graveyard Shift, the band released their first example of new music in the form of “570” as well as the new announcement of their signing to major label Roadrunner Records.

The first record to not feature long time member Josh Balz, Graveyard Shift is incredibly experimental for a mainstream modern Metal band. Featuring a multitude of stylistic experimentation otherwise perhaps not associated with the band.  Wanting to be divergent from their peers, the band even took to their fans for a design of their album cover for the new record. Eventually settling on the face of a young boy, it’s a perfect representation of the record. Though the band might well be less established, now with their first ever Roadrunner release the night belongs to Motionless In White and the Graveyard Shift. Best played at 3:33am.

Motionless In White’s brand new album Graveyard Shift is out May 5th via Roadrunner and you can pick up a copy here!

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