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Set to hit cinemas this week, the brand new chapter in the series,  Pirates of The Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales will be unleashed, conveniently at exactly the same time as the brand new Alestorm album No Grave But The Sea. I delved into the depths to see what the two might have had in common…

Hoist the sail, ye scurvy dogs!” Tis I, Tristan from The Metalist here to tell ya a tale of music, adventure and of course rum! One of the biggest series in Disney, the blockbuster Pirates of The Caribbean is unveiling its brand new tale this week. Spinning the yarn of Captain Salazar, an entirely fictional character, not that Davey Jones was real mind, it’s new villain looks to be one of the most malevolent yet!

It be a strong coincidence then that sea gales blow us toward the new release of the Scottish genius of Alestorm’s brand new ripper No Grave But The Sea too! Peppered with humour, the record is just the right dose of silliness with some absolutely brilliant song writing. Proving that Alestorm are kings of the high seas BUT what have the two both got in common?

In my latest video I plumb the depth to find out! You’ll see a little bit of Barbossa, a little bit of sword fighting and a whole load of bad accents. So make haste and subscribe or I’ll dance the hempen jig as I take you through Alestorm of The Caribbean!

Alestorm’s brand new album No Grave But The Sea is out May 26th via Napalm Records. 

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