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To be original in the year 2017 is a hard ask. With the sheer amount of bands that are freely available multiplying day by day, to do something different you have to really stand out of the crowd. Despite taking a leaf out of the Slipknot style book with their vocalist’s decision to wear masks for their EP, Loathe have since abandoned this sense of anonymity and taken to their own niche.

Releasing their brand new album The Cold Sun, as with many records of the present day, the album revolves around a concept that combines the likes of Sci-Fi with a new age Tech Metal sound. The point of difference about this band however is that they understand their audience. Particularly seeing the group live, their renegade attitude translates beautifully from the stage to the crowd.

Similar to the kind of vigour that Rage Against The Machine held, the band are set to make a Tech Metal revolution. Their debut album The Cold Sun being the perfect soundtrack. A bridge between Metal with the sensibility of sun genres ranging from classic Metal themes as far as Grime, each member is well versed in different genres of music and their influence shines through. Be it from the musical interludes that wouldn’t sit amiss in a classic eighties film or the swirling distortion Loathe are a band for the many, not the few.

With the idea of revolution now more pertinent than ever with an oppressive government, the youth of today need to have a message of revolt and Loathe are the ones to give it. Set to embark with Miss May I on their August European tour, the band will be grabbing peoples attention whether they want them to or not. Wanting to get their point across, The Cold Sun is merely the tip of the iceberg for this young band. Both brain children of the band, front man Kadeem France and Erik Bickerstaffe helped me look into the band’s outlook through a Loathe shaped kaleidoscope.

Loathe’s brand new album is out now via SharpTone Records. 


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