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The union of both Horror and the genre of Metal is a phenomenon that many don’t quite understand. Taking from each other both genres creatively bounce off one another and even in some cases sees work bred together. A fine example being Rob Zombie, known for his horrific films just as much as his music. However there is another master of the macabre in the form of Wednesday 13.

Having been well and truly around the block, Wednesday 13 are no stranger to the music world. Bursting forward after the smash hit single “I Walked With A Zombie” combining the B-Movie style comedy with a slack jawed gruesome grin. With this so early on in their career since then the band have gone on to become a wholly different entity altogether.

Wanting to hang up the hilarity, Wednesday 13 have opted to go the route of taking themselves seriously. Releasing their brand new album Condolences, the fake blood and zombie face paint has been traded in for serious subject matter and absolutely iron clad songs. Presenting themselves in an entirely new light, Wednesday 13 still retain their Horror style attraction yet do so with style and aplomb.

Wednesday 13’s brand new album Condolences is out now via Nuclear Blast.

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