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This weekend has seen the re appearance of a threat that we all know to be true. Speaking in hushed tones, the atrocities that were committed in London on Saturday should never be ignored. Understanding that the only way to truly beat these horrendous acts is to come together, Manchester put on a triumphant show last night following the attack there just a mere two weeks ago.

Those who attended an Ariana Grande concert in Manchesters Arena were, without warning, subject to an ordeal that no person deserves to go through. The final toll coming to twenty three fatlities and well over one hundred injured it was a tragedy that shook the foundations of England.  Wanting to right the wrongs created by these extremists, the bold move to return for a performance was one that Ariana Grande took in order to show the world there is no fear. Putting on an all star show that was televised around the world with 50,000 people attending featuring the likes of Pharell Williams, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and even a surprise performance from Coldplay which included a surprise cover of “Don’t Look Back In Anger” as well as the tear jerking “Fix You” and Liam Gallagher, Manchester’s hometown lad, paying homage to those who were lost but showing that love conquers all, the performance was a huge hit on every level.


Raising money for charities whilst being streamed the world over, One Love Manchester took an attack that created fear and brought people together over a common love for music. Why am I writing about Pop on a Metal website you might ask, simply put it doesn’t matter what the genre of music is that you listen to. When something as horrendous as this happens, the entire world is affected. Flashback a little over a year now and the events of the Bataclan in Paris are fresh in people’s  mind. Taking the lives of music fans who just wanted to go out and attend a gig. People who just wanted to see Eagles of Death Metal yet instead were lost in a horrific attack. Exactly the same sentiment is echoed in the Ariana Grande attacks.


With a plethora of festivals coming up as Summer brings those brighter days ahead ,its a tell tale sign that we can always be rallied by the power of music. This coming weekend alone, the biggest UK Metal festival will be held at its annual place in Donington. Where thousands of Metal fans will make their annual pilgrimage to hallowed grounds of Donington race track.

Taking part in the three day festival that will see System of a Down, Biffy Clyro and Aerosmith headline. Sure to attract an incredible amount of people, it’s no use beating around the bush, this would be a potential site for something to happen. Yet of course security will be extra tight and it will be a worry before getting there, I’m going full hippie here right now but when you get in and see the amount of joy on every fans face, the look of excitement as those hallowed festival headliners take to the stage and people sing together, THAT is what brings people together. THAT is how we can stop these horrific acts from truly doing their damage.

This weekend alone, Germany’s Rock Am Park was evacuated on Friday following reports of potential activity on the site. The consequence was to evacuate 80,000 and suspend Friday’s acts for people’s safety. The threat level is real and sadly we’re all becoming more accustomed to these attacks however what we cannot do is let them win. Carry on our traditions of years gone by, make sure you head to British Summer Time or Reading and Leeds, V Festival. Carry the torch for those who sadly lost their lives both in Manchester and in London. The people who will never experience their favourite band, who will never see the fierce power that music has to keep people together.

Regardless of if it might be Ariana Grande or The Black Dahlia Murder, Miley Cyrus or Napalm Death, Stormzy or Apex Twin an attack on music is an attack on us all but we shall never be silenced. Knowing that the power of music is stronger than the will to do evil we stand together strong and proud, just like Manchester and London.

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