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Instrumental in the perfection of what was the nineties death Metal scene, Suffocation have long been heralded as the godfathers of this, most bloodthirsty of genres. Having continued since their nineties hey day, the band have continually upped the ante with each release. Following the release of 2012’s Pinnacle of Bedlam, the band embarked on a hectic touring schedule the world over. Returning to the studio at the tail end of 2016, the band resolved to revitalise their sound, the end result was Of The Dark Light.

Original members Terrance Hobbs and Derek Boyer being the driving force behind the rhythmic battery of Suffocation, the band have a very distinctive sound. Despite its blistering drumming technique the overall pace of the band feels more sluggish than nimble. By no means a bad thing, instead it gives the band the needed weight behind some of the ten ton hammer style riffs that are exhibited in their catalogue.

With all manner of firsts, Of The Dark Light would prove to be the first example incarnation of the Suffocation in the year 2017. With a new drummer and guitarist Charles Errigo and drummer Eric Morroti anchored by vocalist and Death Metal royalty Frank Mullen the band had their formula for delivering a punch that was a devastating as it was dynamic. Exploring new thematic territory, Boyer states that the subject matter of the new record was one of transcendence but have Suffocation transcended their confines once more?

Suffocation’s brand new album is out now via Nuclear Blast!


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