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For those of you who might have been on their recent UK tour, Anthrax took these London lads under their wing (no pun intended). Recently releasing their brand new album Darkness Will Rise, The Raven Age are set to bring a new kind of Metal to the masses. Now with a huge UK tour under their belt and multiple Download performances, the band have aimed for their biggest to date on Zippo’s Encore Stage.

In need of something new, the British Metalcore scene is somewhat starved. Being fed through Killswitch copy cats at an alarming rate, something needs to be done. Enter The Raven Age, their first record, almost ending up being a double album shows just how much ambition this young band all have. Capitalising on their brand new album’s release, the band performed a fantastic set on the massive platform that is Download Festival’s Zippo Encore stage.

After having wowed fans all over Donington I was very lucky to be able to speak with one Matt Cox, a man whose humour is as sharp as his bass playing ability. Previously seeing his bass faces up close and personal on their previous tour I thought it was high time that we had a chat about The Raven Age and their plans for world domination. Not to mention carrying coffins around for their latest video of “The Dying Embers of Life”.

The Raven Age’s brand new album is out now via BMG. 

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