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One of the darker routes of cinema, Horror is in its own interpretation the portrayal of that dark place, the place we never want to find ourselves in. A place where fans flirt with the idea of danger yet remain perfectly at ease in their seats. Taking this same ideaology into account Death Metal is very much a similar trip in a more aural sense. Depictions of graphic violence, horrendous creatures and a whole lot of nastiness, there’s nothing quite like it. Known to be a huge horror movie fan, one Jeremy Wagner has been fusing the two together for more than twenty five years with his Brutal Death Metal outfit Broken Hope. Returning with 2012’s lecherous offering that was Omen of Disease the band have recouped their creative effort to return for what could be their most horrendous release yet, Mutilated And Assimilated.

  1. The Meek Shall Inherit Shit
  2. The Bunker
  3. Mutilated And Assimilated
  4. Outback Incest Clan
  5. Malicious Meatholes
  6. Blast Frozen
  7. The Necropants
  8. The Carrion Eaters
  9. Russian Sleep Experiment
  10. Hells Handpuppets
  11. Beneath Antarctic Ice
  12. Swamped In Gore-Hog

Taking inspiration from the John Carpenter classic, Mutilated and Assimilated is not only the albums brilliant title track but a representation of the band themselves. Having once more mutilated songs from their original fleshing out to what we will now here on the album the band have crafted some of the heaviest and catchiest Death Metal you’ll hear this year.

Titles the likes of “Outback Incest Clan” will always shock and apall but such is the nature of the beast. Musically Broken Hope thrive on that most fickle of majesties, groove. It seems that Wagner has an innate understanding of exactly when to drop the hammer to the anvil. A prime example being second single “The Carrion Eaters” where the band pause before entering a half time riff that would shake the very foundations of your skull. After his untimely passing, Wagner resolved to record the entire record using Jeff Hanneman’s guitars to honour the riff legend and the result is nothing short of genius. Of course this is going to scare off the less deranged of listener because this is Hardcore stuff but the fans of blood and guts gurgling of Damian Leski who does an absolutely exemplary job or the serrated sting of guitars will find a plentiful amount to love here. After the assault course that is “Russian Sleep Experiment” the uncharactestically happy tones of “Hells Handpuppets” throw you somewhat off guard before ripping you right back into the maelstrom once more.

Though the winner for the most horrendous track on the album no doubt is awarded to “Malicious Meatholes” whose spoken word intro is unholy (pun definitely intended) to say the least, it throws the listener into real disconcerting temperatures in its slow clean yet eerie closing section. Throwing into Easter eggs like the combo of “Swamped In Gore-Hog” a reworking of the band previous two releases. At the heart of it all though lies absolute pedigree quality Death Metal. Carving up the carcass of what was not only Omen Of Disease but their previous works, Broken Hope have successfully assimilated their previous form to create a truly terrifying new species, man truly is the most metal place to hide.

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