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Ed Miliband Is The Most Metal MP Yet!

For those who might be more inclined to Death Metal, you might want to listen up today. Radio 2 have invited a man who has been campaigning for more than twenty years, a man who is one of the most prolific in his circle and a man who has true passion and he’s going to meet Ed Miliband!

Coming together for a special show, the Doncaster North MP will be speaking to none other than the legendary Barney Greenway from, one of my favourite bands, Napalm Death. It does beg the question of what Ed Miliband might be into, of all genres listening to Death Metal seems pretty far out there for an MP! Especially when it comes to Napalm Death, though I have to say that the band have a very pertinent message especially in these troubled times. I even spoke to Barney recently when they performed at London’s Electric Ballroom about the election, the man definitely knows what he’s talking about. Its going to be dead neat to find out what Ed Miliband will be chatting the man about though!

The episode airs on Radio 2 at 13:30 so be ready to tune in!

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