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Both seen as a visionary and an heathen by the fans who deem themselves too kvlt, Myrkur made waves with her 2015 release that was simply M. Now the female fronted Black Metal maiden will be returning with her brand new album Mareridt and has made debut single “Måneblôt” available for your listening pleasure.

Flitting between nightmarish banshee and ethereal wraith, Myrkur works both the beauty of female vocals that act as a perfect bed for a track whilst also sounding snarling, gnashing and truly urgent. Its a beautiful compromise and one that was first explored on debut M. Now the woman returns with her new single. Create a rustic feel the track features elements that would be akin to Folk in its midsection, bringing to mind a sense of the natural rather than what some might call trve kvlt.

Meaning Nightmare, Mareridt is the Danish translation and the personification of just what has plagued Myrkur’s mysterious lead lady. Citing that nightmares and sleep paralysis were her affliction, Myrkur has instead manifested this sense of Horror into something that is simultaneously beautiful yet horrendous. Listening to the track itself conjured these inner demons that had been exorcised in a beautiful ever evolving palette.

Myrkur’s brand new album Mareridt is set for a September 15th release via Relapse Records but you can preorder the album here! 

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