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Stone Sour, a major player in the mainstream Metal scene the band are arguably one of the biggest in the scene. With it being four years since the release of their double album extraordinaire that was The House of Gold And Bones, lots has changed in the Stone Sour camp. Resolving to return in 2017, the band would set to work on their brand new album and first without long time guitarist and fellow Slipknot pal, James Root.

Lets address this right off the bat, of course this is going to make some people skeptical after the departure of the bands longstanding guitarist but people change so lets move on. New guitarist Christian Martucci has more than earned his stripes on this record. Not one to take the easy way out the band endeavoured to make sure that this album came together. With Corey Taylor’s Jekyll of Slipknot being somewhat dormant the Hyde that is Stone Sour has been let loose.

Not knowing exactly what to expect I was significantly surprised when I first heard the single to come from Hydrograd, I was in for a whole host of surprises however with the new album…

Stone Sour’s brand new album is out now via Roadrunner Records.

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