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Being a Metalhead is somewhat of a predicament, the main problem being that not everyone likes to hear music that sounds as though the vocalist is being put through a blender all the time. With that in mind, I headed out to Community Festival this weekend and had a right laugh!

Not usually my scene the vibe at Community Festival this weekend was absolutely fantastic. Set up in Finsbury Park, the same location as the classic Rage Against The Machine gig where shit did well and truly get real, this time we’re playing host to Catfish and The Bottlemen and a whole host of Indie bands. Stick with me here.

Getting out of Finsbury Park station, the usual festival merriment is being had with a Wetherspoons that looks like its fit to burst and the longest line I think the station’s ATM has ever had, after wiping our accounts we headed into the festival. I have to say it was odd being able to go to a festival and being smack in the middle of London at the same time! How great it was knowing that I wouldn’t have to go back to a tent! I copped out this year at Download though (shh don’t tell anyone.). So there we are armed with enough ciders to keep a Somerset farmer happy and all I could think of what a great atmosphere there was.

Entirely different to what you might find at Metal festival, I felt like Metalhead’s are a bit friendlier and it was almost a little bit of a fashion parade, because lets face it, Metal as a genre ain’t the most trendy! The first band we caught were Hunna, a great start to the day and the perfect soundtrack to the neck the first (of many) ciders. Then as the day wore on after walking about and checking out some lovely chips and tartare sauce, the main acts we were here for hopped on. If you’ve not heard of Slaves before, the best way I can sum them up is if Sex Pistols and The Streets formed a band. Only two guys, they made a serious riot, jumping all over the place and getting the crowd pretty riled up for their jam that was “Jenny Where’s Your Car?”.

Then the effects of copious amounts of cider kicked in just as the band finished, phew! After sitting down The Wombats appeared. Knowing absolutely none of their songs, the best way I could describe them was a kind of Inbetweeners kind of sound. You know like high register indie sort of thing, they were pretty cool I have to say but not the best. Then as the evening drew on as did the ciders (now featuring added rose) Catfish And The Bottlemen appeared on stage!

By now Finsbury Park was pretty much full, which if you don’t how how many people that is the capacity of the festival was a fair bit! Now for a band whose songs I didn’t know Catfish absolutely killed it! Think of like a younger, slightly happier version of the Stereophonics with some Oasis vibes thrown in and you’re pretty much there! I didn’t know any of the words to sing along but I belted out totally rubbish in the same tune so thats close enough I guess? What I thought was the best about the band overall though was everyone was happy! Not frown to be seen, which for a Metalhead, where frowning is a daily essential, it was a lovely change. Jumping up and down and even popping my lovely fiancee on my shoulders we had a wicked old time.

So what did I learn? Sometimes its better to just throw caution to the wind and go and do something different! Head out to see that band you don’t know, go and do something you might not be familiar with, just because I like bands called Dying Fetus didn’t mean I had a crap time at Community! I’ll definitely be going again next year! Nice one lads.

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