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Not to mention a big fan of Black Books! Good lad.

Hard to believe in this video that the sun was shining so bright at Download festival this year we were blessed with good weather (for once!). We were also blessed with the appearance of one Anathema, having released their brand new album The Optimist just that Friday the band kick off their huge touring schedule with a performance at Download Festival.

Picking up where A Fine Day To Exit’s artwork left off, The Optimist is the absolutely fantastic new record. A gorgeous album that moves throughout all sorts of soundscapes with the help of both Vince and female singer Lee Douglas. Following our protagonist on his brand new journey, the ride is an emotional one with some of Anathema’s best work to date. Wanting to bring this idea to life on the road, the band will be embarking on a UK tour in September to bring The Optimist to life along with a couple of surprises along the way.

However shortly before he was due to sing his heart out, I was able to catch up with Vince from Anathema. Among other things we chatted all about the brand new album and I found out that he was indeed a kindred spirit and a lover of the incredible Black Books. What a gent.

Anathema’s brand new album The Optimist is out now via Kscope and the band will be on tour in September. 

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