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Come September 22nd Archspire’s reign will be strong. #StayTech

If you might have missed The Lucid Collective then I don’t blame you. Though it was an absolutely brilliant record it was merely a fledgling stepping to the pool of Technical Death Metal. 

Having gotten on the back of some pretty incredible tours, the band have gained even more notoriety in the scene and have well and truly stuck to their guns. Announcing their return today with a brand new album titled Relentless Mutation set for a September 22nd release via Season Of Mist, the band are well and truly ready to take the bull by the horns. 

The only gripe I had with The Lucid Collective was the production! It just sounded like a flattened box. Now, the band got long time Grind man Dave Otero who has been responsible for the likes of Cattle Decapitation etc… 

Archspire have also made their brand new, Eliran Kantor created artwork available for our eyes and I have to say it’s beautiful! It’s so different from the usual tentacled / bug / portal monstrosity and instead looks like there’s real texture behind it. Of course because it is Technical Death Metal there is a weird bug / portal monstrosity but the way it has been put together by  is simply magnificent! 

Now the song itself is brilliant. “Involuntary Doppelgänger ” shows just how much talent the band have behind them. Each instrument is able to say it’s piece without being overly loud or intrusive and the bass that you can hear on the single is fantastic! It’s so clean! They definitely did a good job picking up Jared Smith, Relentless Mutation is the man’s first comtorbution to the band and boy does it shine through. However I think the winner here has got to be vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron. I don’t think I have ever heard vocals that are so complex being blurted out at inhuman speeds! Try it yourself and try and keep with the lyric video and you’ll see what I mean!  

Relentless Mutation track listing : 

1. Involuntary Doppelgänger (3:46)

2. Human Murmuration (4:13)

3. Remote Tumour Seeker (4:01)

4. Relentless Mutation (4:35)

5. The Mimic Well (4:05)

6. Calamus Will Animate (3:50)

7. A Dark Horizontal (6:10)

Archspire’s brand new album Relentless Retribution is set for a September 22nd release via Season of Mist. Now we just have to wait…

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