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Side effects, often the result of a happy accident can sometimes create something that we had never before thought would be possible. Concentrating on his main project after their recent Prog hoop jump that was Theories of Flight, Fates Warning‘s guitarist Jim Matheos was busy tinkering with a song until he discovered something altogether entirely different in itself. Writing one of the introduction pieces that he thought would be on the new record ended up giving him an idea for a project entirely different altogether, Tuesday The Sky.

  1. Today The Sky
  2. Kite
  3. Vortex Street
  4. It Comes In Waves
  5. Dyatlov Pass
  6. Far And Away
  7. Westerlies
  8. Roger Gordo
  9. The Rowing Endeth
  10. Drift

49 : 00, Inside Out, June 30th

Going entirely against the man’s usual creative grain. Tuesday The Sky is somewhat of a minimalist affair. Joining Matheos is drummer Lloyd Hanney who the more studious of you might know to be God Is An Astronaut’s drummer. The two make a fantastic pair with music that could so often be seen as a background distraction truly speak volumes. Opening track “Today The Sky” brings to mind a sense of Anathema  sequenced progression until it reaches the final section crescendo blooming into gorgeous Post Rock tones.

Rather than focusing on the musicians aptitude behind their relative instrument, instead, Drift ties instruments together to create more of a layered soundtrack than ostentatious musical one upping. The peaceful sounds of crickets form the bed of “Dyatlov Pass” as slowly delayed guitars are drip fed into the mix. Veering left field, the mid section then builds on this progression behind a far more industrial style of riffing as the song reaches its finale. Being a guitarist Matheos understands the importance of having melody as a guideline to maintain control over the listener “It Comes In Waves” which also features ex Dream Theater man Kevin Moore’s keyboard stylings brings this into effect with its slow but sure movement. Amongst the other guest appearances are the ethereal female vocals on “Westerlies” painting a wonderful lachrymose sound to it.

Drift will not be a record that you would put on to get ready for a Saturday night out, but then no Post Rock style Prog is! Instead Tuesday The Sky have created a fantastic starting point, showing that despite being known for technicality you aren’t confined to just that. Not to mention its nice to see a guitarist go out of their comfort zone and experiment. There is a tendency for the record to live up to its name and Drift somewhat but then that was the band’s mission statement. Its particularly hard, with the idea of post rock for you to not let yourself go with the melody. Not wanting to stick to a particular style the record ebbs and flows throughout its listen and you just go with it. “The Rowing Endeth” yet another example of just throwing caution to the wind and sailing down melody. Musically sound, the songwriting here can get slightly dreary but if you’re ok with having it bleak then you’ll find plenty to love in the minimalist steps that is Tuesday The Sky.

Tuesday The Sky’s brand new record is out now via Inside Out.

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