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It really could be as good as their best.

Decapitated. The band that Metalhead’s love to argue about. Now on their seventh release Decapitated have quite possibly found their formula. Having had some horrendous luck the band have been through all sorts of trial and tribulation. Experiencing tragedy one after the other the band has been dogged by bad luck, now it looks like its changing.

After the successful touring that followed their more groove oriented release Blood Mantra, Decapitated resolved to enter the studio once again. Putting together eight tracks that are all killer and absolutely no filler, the band have not messed around here. Understanding their Death Metal foundations and accepting their new incarnation, the band are positively on fire with what they have delivered on Anticult. This record does not let up for one second once you have pushed play and owing to the beautiful mix that the band has presented with Daniel Bergstrand each instrument sounds pitch perfect.

With a discography that is always stacked against you, Anticult could well be the final push needed to cement this new incarnation of Decapitated as the true spirit of the band in 2017.

Decapitated’s brand new album is out now via Nuclear Blast!

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