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But not if you’re at work! (NSFW)

In what has to be one of my biggest musical crimes, I haven’t known about the band that is Integrity until I started receiving promo material for Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume. Now that I have heard the record, I can concur that I was indeed a plum. I cannot believe that I’ve not listened to this band before!

Combining elements of Heavy Metal, Hardcore and straight up High on Fire style Metal, Integrity are a band like no other and I do understand the hype behind the new record now. Having previously released the video for “Hymn of The Children of The Black Flame” now the band unveil their latest and rather more full on video for “7 Reece Mews”. It does feature an orgy which I do feel that you should be warned about especially if you’re thinking of skiving off at work for a bit.

Somewhat of a set piece the track is a pretty long one and shows even hints of Progressive elements in the bands pretty furious attack. See what you think of the video which was directed by Jimmy Hubbard.

Integrity’s brand new album Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume is out next Friday July 14th via Relapse.

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