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One of the most influential people in Metal and no doubt a man with a hell of a lot of stories, Brian Slagel CEO of Metal Blade has written a book that if you like Death Metal, you’ll need to read.

Hard to believe that the label is now in its thirty fifth anniversary. Responsible for the likes of the now house hold name Cannibal Corpse or the world swallowing phenomenon that is Cattle Decapitation, perhaps you’re more familiar with the Texans that are Whitechapel? No? Well what about The Black Dahlia Murder?

Responsible for some of the biggest Death Metal acts to emerge from the underground in a long while, Metal Blade have given bands the kind of platform they could only dream of. Not to mention he’s the man who got Metallica’s work on a demo tape! Starting out in his mothers basement, the Southern California man was bringing together a mixtape that would feature bands that we come to know now as Ratt, Steeler, Malice and of course Metallica. The man is himself responsible for the likes of Slayer, Lamb of God and is one of Metal’s most interesting men so to hear his memoirs of the last thirty five years as Metal Blade’s CEO will be a fantastic and pretty damn insightful read. One which I can’t wait to start! Titled For The Sake of Heaviness the book is sure to be a winner in the world of the underground Metal, where no one can ever seem to get anything right. Well it is as far as YouTube is concerned…

Preorders for the book are yet to be made live but the release date is set for August 29th so you’ll have something great to finish up your summer with!

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