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Beginning with their brand new single “Heartbreak And Séance“. 

Having announced their brand new album Cryptoriana to be released on September 22nd, Cradle of Filth have begun their twelfth chapter in what has been a truly exciting time for the band. Over the years Cradle of Filth have gone through numerous different incarnations and I would argue that the band’s current setup could well be their best! 

Returning back from what was a bit of a slump, Cradle of Filth unveiled the absolutely astounding Hammer of The Witches. Instantly bringing back that classic twin guitar element the band had so sorely been lacking with the brilliant combo of Richard Shaw and Ashok it took the Metal world and mine especially by storm! Still now two years on since it’s release I listen to “Deflowering the Maidenhead, Displeasuring The Goddess” all the time and often end up jamming the entire record

Where I think Hammer truly shined was this new injecting of a second wave. Almost like a new act, each song would have a section which you didn’t quote envisage which would come out of nowhere and make what was an already good song ten times better. So what has this got to do with “Heartache And Séance”? Well, the track is the first to come off the bands new album and will appeal to Cradle fans the likes of Midian era but also shares some experimental nature in there too. 

For what seems like the first time in ever I think there is a section where Dani doesn’t quite sing all the way through which is great! I’m in no way knocking him, what the man does is genius but to have some diversity in the vocals is what is needed! Again the second section of the song brings in a newer more refined melody but the real jewel of the crown here is the brilliant guitar work, even featuring a guitar trade off between Shaw and Ashok. It’s brilliant stuff and not to mention the video is styliystically exactly what we have come to expect from the lavish Cradle

Cradle of Filth is out September 22nd via Nuclear Blast and you can preorder all sorts of copies here!  Including Red and double coloured vinyl and picture disc editions! 

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