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Bare in mind I’m only going off the single but it’s got some serious potential here.

Cannabis Corpse, not only for the lovers of the green but also for the lovers of Classic Death Metal. With every release I have to say some of the best bits of a Cannabis Corpse announcement are the track listing’s previously the band have experimented with Gorguts, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death…

In the latest incarnation of Cannabis Corpse the albums title is taken from the Entombed classic Left Hand Path, then its a free for all with the song titles! From the likes of Nile to Bolt Thrower there are some class ones here. However regardless of how funny the Cannabis Corpse gimmick might be, without the songs there is nothing. Premiering the album’s first track “Chronic Breed” the band have thrown down the gauntlet for this to be one of their best releases to date.

Upping the ante each time the band release an album, I thought that From Wisdom To Baked was good and then this comes along and practically blasts it out of the park! I believe that the new found sense of technicality in the band stems from the inclusion of new member Ray Suhy who has been part of the writing process behind the record. The first single absolutely scorches through its just shy of five minute time. Regardless of if you’re a fan of the chronic (yo dawg!) there’s no doubt that 2017 will be in a haze of green come September as this band just keep getting better and better with each release. Hats off Cannabis Corpse.

Left Hand Pass is set for a September 8th release via Season of Mist. 

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