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Though it might not be strictly Metal, its content is absolutely genius.

For those of you who might not be familiar with Eddie Izzard, he is one of the funniest people alive today. First hearing about his comedy stylings through my dad’s DVD collection, I first watched Definite Article a performance from his 1996 tour of the same name and thought this bloke (who was wearing a dress I might add) could well be the funniest man alive. Since then I have always been a massive fan.

In the airport whilst waiting to head out on holiday, I was stuck for something to read until, lo and behold I saw that Izzard had just released a brand new biography, holiday reading saved! Tearing through the book, its got that classic Izzard charm with all the little digressions you might expect. Titled Believe Me the biography goes through the man’s childhood, his teenage years leading right up to his first steps into the pool of stand up. Even running (no pun intended) up to his absolutely mad twenty seven marathons in twenty seven days in South Africa.

The biggest thing that I have taken away from me whilst reading the man’s story, aside from his charismatic writing ability, is the idea of simply believing in yourself. I can imagine that Izzard has gone through some pretty crap times. Being TV or transvestite as the man describes has been a part of the man right from the beginning. Walking out of his islington flat when he was twenty three for the first time whilst wearing a dress takes balls. Not to mention hosting a numerous amount of Edinburgh Fringe Festival performances and failing but not quitting. The man’s tenacity is simply remarkable and is something that has inspired me since reading it. I’ll leave a little clip of some of his stand up but his talent simply speaks for itself. Not afraid to take the hard route out, Izzard is an underdog, like the Metal world and although he might be wearing dresses (which rocks!) I think his entire ethos couldn’t be more similar to the spirit of music and Metal in particular.

Enough waffling, hopefully you might dig it!

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