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Known to be one of the biggest TV shows ever, Game of Thrones sure is Metal.

On the eve of season seven (if you’re in the UK) Game of Thrones finally returns to our screens tonight. It seems like an absolute aeon since that final death dealing section of season 6 and ending on that cliff hanger, it seems that at long last paths will finally cross when the series starts back up tonight (July 17th). A huge hit with the metal community, the series has even had Anthrax’s own Scott Ian white walkers up, along with the entire band of Mastodon being wildlings. As with anything that a Metalhead does, I thought, well what are some of the most Metal moments in the series? Infamous for their brutal killings, unforgiving in nature both to the audience and the characters themselves Game of Thrones stands alone. I give you (just some) of the most metal moments in Game of Thrones.


The Red Wedding


What could well be one of the most talked about scenes in the series, in its third season Game of Thrones ensured that whoever your allegiance may be towards, never think that anyone is safe. Having already read all the shocked Facebook updates before watching the series (I was a latecomer) I had an idea of what I would be coming to but when it actually happened it was something else completely! I mean getting Catlyn Stark, Robb Stark and his wife, killing them AND his wife’s unborn child. Man, thats pretty Metal.

Appearance of White Walkers


A personal favourite of mine is the first time that we are introduced to the absolute terror that are the White Walkers. It had been such a build up over multiple seasons just talking about them that when you finally, at long last see them, they’re even more terrifying and importantly just look evil! You wouldn’t want to be facing one down on your own sans dragon glass!

Golden Crown


Metal in various different ways this one, the absolute little worm that is Viserys, brother to the far more excellent Daenaerys Targaryen at last gets his wish from the Dothraki. Wanting to be the ruler of Westeros, ironically I think he sets Daenaerys off on her quest for the iron throne. Thankfully though, her horrible brother gets dispatched by Khal Drogo pouring molten hot gold on his head melting his face off. Just like the tastiest of riffs.

White Walkers appearing in Hardhome


Though Game of Thrones always go big on their final two episodes the section where the wildlings are actually attacked by the White Walkers is one of the most intense battle scenes I think I have ever seen! Not to mention the fight between Jon Snow and the The Night’s King is so tense, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that it was also this episode that Mastodon starred in as wildlings! A definite Metal moment.

Ramsay Dogs


One of most horrendous characters in the Game of Thrones mythos, Ramsay Snow is by all definition a total bastard. I would wager he would be the most cruel character in the series and his comeuppance is fittingly gruesome. Mutilating all sorts of people and absolutely horrific ways, namely our Ironborne, Then Greyjoy reducing him to “Reek” the dude is absolutely horrible. Finally, finally he gets what he deserves in the final sections of season 6 where he gets his face eaten by dogs. Its an absolutely great way to send off such a vile dude and what a Metal moment.

Meryn Trant


Slowly becoming one of the most interesting characters, Arya Stark proved that she was indeed the wrong one to fuck with (thank you Dying Fetus) when she dispatched a certain Meryn Trant. One of the names on her list that she wanted revenge for, he got it particularly bad I’ve got to say. After being in disguise she jumps at Trans and gouges out both of his eyes before stabbing him so many times I lost count! Now that is brutal.

Burning Daenerys


This one might not be a brutal death but its still pretty damn Metal. Everyone’s favourite long named, white haired maiden reveals herself as the mother of dragons. Emerging from the fire of a burnt down house she saunters out totally fine from the inferno after everyone around her has burned. THATS pretty Metal.

Viper Vs Mountain


And finally, what has got to be one of the most gut wrenching scenes in TV history has to be The Viper and The Mountain. This had me screaming at the TV when Martell became far too confident and overly cocky when he had the mountain on the ropes. In Game of Thrones, nothing ever quite goes to plan. Just when you think he’s finally got him, The Mountain not only punches him so hard that all his teeth come out but in a moment that is seared into my brain forever literally crushes his face. They don’t come more Metal than that!

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