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Featuring artwork from Septic Flesh’s Seth Siro Anton.

Known for being somewhat controversial, Belphegor will be coming back to the scene with their brand new album Totenritual this September. Though there have scarcely been any details following the band’s drip fed announcements of the new record now the band have unveiled the artwork and track listing that will be coming with their new offering.

Often guided by the likes of spirituality and the idea of a the cosmos, life the universe and everything, the answer to which is the number 42 as we all know, Spiro has created yet another fantastic yet incredibly maudlin representation of what Belphegor stand for. Personally I feel like this record is more synonymous with the feeling of Death and even feels somewhat more mature than the previous outings the band have had with the bondage goats etc…

As for the new track, the band decided to make their first example of the new album in the form of “Baphomet”. I’ve got to say, musically the band have sold it to me. Personally I thought that Conjuring The Dead was good but nothing absolutely astonishing. Here however the band have put together a single which has a lot more impact and has made me genuinely excited for the release of the new record. Sticking with the tried and tested format, the band have put together something that is quintessentially Belphegor.

Totenritual is set for a September 15th release via Nuclear Blast.  

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