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One of my all time favourites, Failed States introduced me to Propagandhi and now they’re back with a new record and song.

Its been five years since the release of their previous record Failed States. Though the band are branded as Punk Rock, personally I think that their later incarnations are so much more than that. The kind of structure the band evidenced on Failed States was more akin to the likes of Prog than just normal Punk Rock. The intricacies of each track and their subtle nuances and not to mention pretty tough instrumental ability.

Anyway, the band have finally announced a brand new album that is due out September 29th via Epitaph. Not only that but the album’s artwork, titled Victory Lap has been made available for our viewing pleasure. Despite being potentially entirely different from its predecessor, the artwork instantly puts you in the same world as Failed States. Its also a gorgeous idea of distilled motion, which I think perfectly encapsulates the band. It will also be the first offering to feature new guitarist Sullyn which will be interesting to see how he picks up in the Propagandhi dynamic.

As for the song itself its exactly what we’ve come to expect from the band. It sounds exactly as though the band picked up where Failed States left off, it might be slightly more Punk but this does nothing but enhance the record and you should all listen to it!

Victory Lap track listing :

01. Victory Lap
02. Comply/ Resist
03. Cop Just Out of Frame
04. When All Your Fears Collide
05. Letters to a Young Anus
06. Lower Order (A Good Laugh)
07. Failed Imagineer
08. Call Before You Dig
09. Nigredo
10. In Flagrante Delicto
11. Tartuffe
12. Adventures in Zoochosis

Propagandhi’s brand new album Victory Lap is set for a September 29th release via Epitaph and you can preorder the record in a variety of different style here! 

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