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As they announce their brand new album and new song with the most awesome title yet.

Ensiferum have never really been my cup of tea, however their performance at Bloodstock back in 2015 really blew me away. In support of their album One Man Army the band toured extensively pretty much all the way through 2015 but now the time has come for the new chapter that is Two Paths!

Set for a September 15th release via Metal Blade, Ensiferum will begin a new journey with a new record. It will be interesting to see what this will hold for the band, I personally remember that there was a strange track to the end of One Man Army, who knows if they might experiment further. It is undeniable however of their influence in the sphere of Folk / Melodic Death Metal. Produced by Anssi Kippo the album was recorded on tape in order to give the full analog experience, which is pretty retro!

Returning after the formidable artwork that he put forward for One Man Army, Gyula Havancsak was once again at the helm for chiselling out the albums centre piece and I couldn’t think of anything more Ensiferum than what the man cooked up. The new song is predominantly what you would expect from the band which will no doubt get fans appetites whet and all the more excited!

You can preorder the brand new album in a variety of formats and even features a wooden box here before its September 15th release via Metal Blade.

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