What's new?


And a new album! 

Well it seems like it was absolutely years since The Bronx released a new album and to be correct four as it stands. Along with releasing their alter ego Mariachi El Bronx  it seems that the running theme of keeping the self titled thing going is still happening.  Exhibited in their brand new album Brvnx or V being the fifth self titled release confusingly! 

Set to be released on September 22nd the band have kicked things off with a brand new single “Sore Throat” which, after hearing it and knowing just how mental this band can be live, you’ll definitely have! Sometimes it can be crucial for a band to evolve but in the case of The Bronx, where their punk style attitude could run for miles and miles there’s no point in changing! Hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I for one can’t wait to get a new helping from the band.  Welcome back boys. 

Brvnx (V) is set to be released September 22nd and you can preorder it here! 

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