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The second track to be released from Clairvoyant.

Shaking the Prog foundations with “Reimagined”The Contortionist began yet another brand new step into the unknown. Personally I cannot wait to hear the band continue to experiment. The leap that was taken was perhaps not quite as significant as their previous jump from Intrinsic to Language but here it seems that The Contortionist’s new release could well be one of their most Progressive to date.

Having heard Opeth’s name being thrown into the mix, personally I don’t think that the track is even in the same realm as Opeth. Building their own niche slowly but surely The Contortionist are fast becoming one of the biggest progressive forces out there and a band that are very much at the forefront of Progressive Metal. I had a chat with Robby Baca from the band at Download which you can check out here where we chatted about what you might expect from the album but hey I would say so far so good! I can’t wait to hear the full thing, I have a strong belief that it could well be Album of The Year potential.

The Contortionist’s brand new album Clairvoyant is out September 15th and you can preorder a copy here! 

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