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And now their EP! 

Having seen a suspect tweet of an incoming announcement I did get a little excited and thought that Converge would be announcing a brand new album. I wasn’t entirely wrong as the band have unveiled that they will be releasing a limited edition 7″ of “I Can Tell You About Pain” Of which one side will feature said track and the second will feature another song “Eve“. 

Ok so it’s not a full length but it is the first example of new music from the band since 2012. Hard to believe that it has been five years since we last had a Converge release. I reckon that we will be due an album soonish though, maybe end of the year? 

The tracks however are genius and exactly what you would expect to be vomited out by Converge. The first “I Can Tell You About Pain” is a straight forward two minute brawler, accompanied by a fantastic surreal video that keeps the listener guessing mirroring the crazed mentality of the song. “Eve” on the other hand is the total opposite end of the spectrum. The slow seven  minute drawl of the track captures you with its slight din as it slowly builds to a crescendo of all things Converge

Well, they’ve done it again. They’ve shown everyone why they are such a driving for in the Metal community. Hats off. 

Converge’s new 7″ is available to buy now! You can pick it up here. 

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