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All hands point to red… 

For the more studious of Metal fan perhaps some of you might have noticed that not only have Trivium stopped their socials but have also put up a dark red background which looks to be a section of something bigger. 

Now, this is just me speculating here but it would make sense for the band to be gearing up for an album announcement. The last time was when Trivium performed their awesome headline set at Bloodstock back in 2015 kicking off the Silence In The Snow campaign. It would make sense for the band to be doing the same thing around this time as they announced their previous record at the same time for what ended up being an October release. They’ve also been quiet with regards to interviews, posting about the band etc… which always points to the fact that they’re working on something. 

Again though this is just speculation but I would bet a lot of money that the band will be looking at something similar. Particularly since their final tour was back in February with Sikth here in the U.K. I wonder if the album might even be called Red or Crimson, it sounds like something Trivium would use! 

All will be revealed soon! What do you think is happening? 

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