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And officially announce their new album with a brand new video! 

I have to say, this week has been a hell of a week for announcements. Kicking off their European tour commemorating their ten year anniversary of the landmark Messengers, August Burns Red begin a new chapter simultaneously. 

Having teased an announcement earlier this week and following its radio debut on Sirius XM yesterday the band have unveiled their brand new single “Invisible Enemy“. Coming off the back of their newly announced Phantom Anthem due for an October 6th release. 

Personally I was wondering if whether sinking their teeth back into Messengers earlier this year might have inspired the band to go even heavier than on Found In Far Away Places and I think I could well have been right! The new single features all the trademark genius that comes with August Burns Red but seems to be more aggressive than before. A real throwing down of the gauntlet which I think is what the band needed! 

Not to mention the video itself is hilarious. It looks like a Team America Metalcore band. Puppets at the ready it looks like it must have taken absolutely AGES to film. Working the director Samuel Halleen the track shows the band’s most iconic videos but re enacted as marionettes. How genius is that?! 

Phantom Anthem track listing : 

1. King of Sorrow

2. Hero of the Half Truth 

3. The Frost 

4. Lifeline 

5. Invisible Enemy 

6. Quake 

7. Coordinates

8. Generations 

9. Float 

10. Dangerous 

11. Carbon Copy

You can now preorder copies of the new record right now! It’s got a sweet selection of vinyl too! For those in the U.K. the band kick off their tour in London tomorrow! I’m going, are you? 

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