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The Nightbringers return on October 6th.

As is often the case with the world of Metal and small zines online, the second something is out, there is no way of getting it back in. Chatting to a publication called Agoraphobic News, the bands Brian Eschbach revealed a couple of details surrounding the bands new release. Titled Nightbringers, the new album will be released October 6th and the Metal world think that they might have found part of the album artwork.

Putting two and two together, an image was shared on the bands Twitter


The painter in question it seems is one Kristian Wahlin after a second image was found from June 3rd which seems an awful lot similar to the painting that The Black Dahlia Murder uploaded. I don’t particularly care for this kind of “Oh my god, there’s sort of artwork” style journalism. I prefer to wait for the full reveal but I just think its cool that the band have decided to work with Wahlin!

He’s known for creating absolute classic album covers from the likes of Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse, Dissection’s Storm of The Lights Bane, Sacramentum, Thulcandra, Aeon and even Dark Funeral’s Where The Shadows Forever Reign that was released last year.

Looking at his style I would also wonder if, now that the band are currently touring Nocturnal in its entirety, maybe this would have influenced the choice of the album as Nocturnal, although by a different person shares very similar aspects of Wahlin’s work.

Now we just have to play the waiting game eh!

October 6th is the supposed date that is set for The Black Dahlia Murder’s return with Nightbringers. 





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