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One of the staples of Metalcore, August Burns Red recently visited London’s The Underworld and I caught up with singer Jake Luhrs to talk all about Messengers and some exclusive details surrounding newly announced Phantom Anthem.

One of the strongest players in the Metalcore arena, August Burns Red are no overnight success. Celebrating ten years since their eponymous Messengers was released the band had already embarked on a huge stateside tour performing the record in its entirety. Hearing just how envious Europe was, the band rallied themselves to take this performance across the pond.

Kicking off the UK run of tour dates at London’s seminal Underworld before there were high fives and hell of a lot of stage dives. I was given the opportunity to speak to frontman Jake Luhrs. Announcing their brand new album, literally the day before the show, their brand new single “Invisible Enemy” is just a snippet of what is to come off what will be their seventh full length and personally sounding similar to their earlier, more aggressive work.

Understanding themselves as a band, August Burns Red have never sounded so divisive. An incredible milestone to celebrate, could there be a correlation between returning to Messengers and the songwriting behind Phantom Anthem. While of course a groundbreaking record and a firm fan favourite I wanted to know just what Messengers meant to them and why it resonated so well within the Metal community. Now ten years on, about to kick things right back into gear once again, we see the journey from Messengers to Phantom Anthem with some exclusive content!

August Burns Red are currently on their ten year anniversary tour and brand new album Phantom Anthem is set for an October 6th release via Fearless. You can preorder it here! 

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