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It seems that our sources were indeed right and the brand new artwork does incidentally rip.

Often overlooked as potentially one of the most important elements to an album’s digestion, The Black Dahlia Murder have never skipped on artwork. Previously enlisting the likes of Nick Keller who draw that amazing tableau for Everblack, the definition of hell that was 2015’s Abysmal and now Kristian Wahlin had been drafted in for the bands brand new release Nightbringers.


Currently destroying bodies every night on The Summer Slaughter Tour (a tour which I will attend one day!) The Black Dahlia Murder have started preorders, solely on the tour, for the new record. Today, via Metal Blade’s Twitter they have revealed the artwork for the brand new album and as expected its absolutely genius. Personally I love the slight pilgrimage touch to it, whoever these people are there is a sense of a ghostly, unnatural presence among them. It almost reminds me slightly of Suffocation’s Blood Oath.

Personally I really think that the band were inspired by the recent return to Nocturnal, which is also designed by Wahlin, which the band are currently playing in its entirety to celebrate a ten year anniversary. It just looks similar to me. I mean what do you guys think? Either way, Nightbringers is coming and I for one, cannot wait!

I would imagine that TBDM’s new album will be announcing soon. Not too long now… 

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