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In one of the most vague ways possible!

Ah Watain, kings of the Black Metal scene. A band not to be trifled with, known for their fierce stage shows which are a veritable pyromaniacs dream come true, the band have been responsible for putting forward some of the most solid Black Metal releases in the last ten years.

Gradually improving on their imperious sound that was first put forward on Sworn To The Dark, the band have kept their presence yet it seems headed for more of a Progressive slant. Particularly on Lawless Darkness, whose closing ten plus minute “Waters of Ain” began to hint at the more grandiose ideas the band were having. With it now being four years since the release of The Wild Hunt, Watain have at long last, in the mist cryptic way possible broken the silence. Announcing yesterday that their new album will be released January 6th 2018 along with a couple of small shows to support the album’s release.

Currently as it stands the band have released the following information.

Tickets are available for the shows tomorrow (August 4th) though there aren’t any specifics other than city of where the band will be performing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it might be somewhere the likes of Electric Ballroom.

5/1/2018 – Stockholm, Sweden

10/1/2018 – Berlin, Germany

12/1/2018 – London, UK

13/1/2018 – Paris, France

So far this is all that the band have unveiled. I would imagine that these dates will be part of a bigger European tour in time!

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