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Australia’s finest Progressive Metal exports have unveiled their first single from their brand new album, coming September 15th.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of Caligula’s Horse, I really do urge you to give this fantastic band a listen. Returning with a renewed line up, Caligula’s Horse have proven that their creativity is something that the likes of the Prog scene are very much in  need of. First hearing the band on their Bloom release, its a definite change into a heavier direction since their previous outing.

Single “Will’s Song (Let The Colours Run)” sits far more in the more modern spectrum of Progressive Metal. Delivering new and fresh melodies, the band are a welcome change in the world of Prog. Sections that are reminiscent of a love of Meshuggah, perhaps a nod to Karnivool yet all the while retaining their own sound. Its a fantastic first single that will be sure to blow all sorts of people away. A concept album, the story of In Contact lies in the art itself. More of a thematic questioning if anything, its the comprehension of where art comes from related through specific characters in the story. Pretty interesting if you ask me!

This is the first release since their 2015 effort Bloom, which you should also seek out. Personally I think that the artwork is almost similar to David Hockney’s style of painting!

Give it a whirl, I doubt that you will regret it!

Caligula’s Horse is set for a September 15th release via Inside Out!


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