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At last, can you feel it in the air? Catton Hall is calling as Bloodstock 2017 will soon be underway. I thought that I would put together among others, ten bands that you absolutely have to check out this year at Bloodstock!

One of the many reasons that Bloodstock is so close to my heart is the sense of variety that the festival has within itself. It might well be the most Metal festival there is but for a subgenre lover like me, its the perfect combination! From Hardcore to Heavy Metal, from Death Metal to Black Metal there is all sorts to love at Bloodstock and this year will be no exception. With headline spots from Amon Amarth, Ghost and Megadeth that is quite the line up already!

Not to mention the likes of Possessed, who will be playing their first show in the UK since their Nuclear Blast signing. Wintersun, who have just released The Forest Seasons, Decapitated that have unleashed Anticult. Abhorrent Decimation who have been making waves with their new record The Pardoner. That doesn’t even begin to cover all of the extra fun stuff that you can find. I’ve listed just some of the reasons why I love this festival here if you wanted to go over it!

Hope you enjoy it and see you at Bloodstock! Raise Your Horns! All weekend tickets are now SOLD OUT! You can get some day tickets however still!


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