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Fear. A condition that is often one of the most horrifying phenomena that organisms undergo. Malleable to whatever its host might be thinking, fear is a parasite. Harvesting on the worry of the individual, feeding off the uncertainty of not knowing. Nothing leaves you more powerless than when fear’s perfidious fingers claw at the skull of the psyche. That paralysing realisation, the inevitable conclusion you’ve drawn so far from. 

The creaking of title track “Out Of The Voiceless Grave” serves as a fantastic introduction into the abyssal sound that The Lurking Fear have put together. Basing their Death Metal make up on a hint of Old School, Melodic Death Metal and a touch of Punk, The Lurking Fear instil this idea of dread perfectly put forward by the album’s obsidian style artwork.

The remorseless pace of “With Death Engraved In Their Bones” doesn’t relent for a moment. Ensuring that at all times the listener is forever within arms reach of the Death Metal antagonist The Lurking Fear represent. Chomping at the heels, each track blasts into focus just as urgent as the last. The track listing in particular is a master stroke on Tomas Lindberg’s part. Representing his philosophical take on Death in a beautiful fashion, “Teeth of The Dark Plains” creates ironically descriptive imagery of such a disparate world that you feel compelled to be swallowed whole by this entity.

In keeping a sense of narrative the album’s creaking introduction is brought back on “The Infernal Dread“. A musical death knell before the oncoming storm that is handled beautifully by guitarists Jonas Stålhammar and Fredrik Wallenber remaining true to their values to their end. Lindberg’s clawing at the walls style vocals are often a centrepiece in the tracks. Though what sets The Lurking Fear apart from the norm is their understanding of when to deliver that most delicious of blows. “Tentacles of Blackened Horror” swoops after the fierce agression from “Winged Death” off with what would sound like Priest’s Painkiller performed by those who are not of this realm.

As the insidious melodies of “Beneath Menacing Sands” ooze out of the speakers the band have well and truly conquered the listener. With this sense of totality, Lindberg’s delivery and lyrics prove that he is this embodiment of this “I am become Death” philosophy that dominates Death Metal. Despite being from well respected backgrounds, this doesn’t sound like a ham fisted cash in but instead a gaze into the void of existence. Rather than optimistic, positive and untroubled, The Lurking Fear raise the obsidian veil and Out Of The Voiceless Grave you’ll hear a land bleak, barren and uncaring. Absolutely sensational.

The Lurking Fear’s brand new album is out now via Century Media and you can pick it up here! 

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