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Announcing last year that their grand finale was imminent, with the release of Dissociation, the members of The Dillinger Escape Plan decided to call it quits. 

Having since toured far and wide, there are still a couple more places for the band to visit. The tour was halted after the band suffered a pretty bad bus crash in Poland which not only set back the tour but the band in themselves too surely! Nevertheless the time has come, bowing out gracefully on December 29th in New York at Terminal 5 will be the band’s last hurrah. 

Singer Greg Puciato states : 

“For me, in terms of shows, New York has always been one city on a short list of them, where every Dillinger show felt like a homecoming. Maybe it’s the proximity to New Jersey, maybe because we’re all East Coast natives, maybe for me it’s largely because it was the location of my first show with the band back in 2001, and maybe a lot of it is just the overall energy of the city itself. So many incredible shows, unforgettable memories on and offstage, and familiar faces both backstage and in the crowd. Add to that the fact that geographically its the one city that makes the most sense for anyone traveling from the east or west, or up the coast, and this was kind of a no-brainer from the beginning.”

Well there it is; the full stop in Diliinger’s final sentence. It’s been one hell of a ride, whether or not the band might be open to a reunion in time remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s legacy will live on. Support will come from Code Orange as well as Daughters. Fare thee well! 

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