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Thy Art Is Murder‘s brand new album Dear Desolation could well be the best, see why in my new video!

A band that have slowly but surely been cultivating a fierce loyalty from fans. Kicking off with their The Adversary record, not forgetting the Infinite Death EP too! Their first full length positively ripped people’s attention towards them.

Signing to major label Nuclear Blast, it was from here on that the band would only really begin to see just what they were capable of. Releasing both Hate and Holy War, the band were in full swing when an unexpected announcement of singer CJ McMahon‘s departure from the band. Leaving them somewhat in an odd situation the band’s relentless touring wasn’t halted.

Covering the globe, Thy Art Is Murder continued to play with various different singers as stand in’s for CJ. Shaking the foundations once again, it was rumoured that McMahon would be rejoining the band. Fast forward to August 2017 and Thy Art Is Murder‘s Dear Desolation, the groups fourth full length is to be released imminently.

Following the creative examples put forward on The Depression Sessions, Dear Desolation is the sound of a band who have, only just touched the tip of their potential. Bringing into focus dynamics, genius songwriting and most importantly evolution; this is the record the band have been striving to make, the album that will set them off high into the Modern Metal stratosphere and believe me when I say. It.  Is. Heavy.

Thy Art Is Murder’s brand new album is out August 18th via Nuclear Blast. 

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