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Following this weekend’s absolutely brilliant festival, Bloodstock is far from done as it announced its two new headliners. 

Following Kreator’s blistering set this weekend over at Bloodstock, there was a special announcement regarding the follow up to this year’s fest in 2018. Previously hopping back a year ago to 2016, personally I thought that Gojira’s performance was leagues ahead of Mastodon’s. A brilliant set, expertly executed and leaving many thinking that perhaps the bill should have been the other way around! Well, it seems that Bloodstock has listened and Gojira will be headlining Friday at Bloodstock 2018. 

I honestly couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this position. The relentless touring that they have put in since the release of Magma has been insane and now, with the full capability Of Bloodstock behind them they can begin to become a band of the ages. Very exciting stuff! 

The second announcement came in the form of the Finnish Symphonic Metal masters Nightwish. Having previously acted as main support at Download back in 2016 and having a headline, sold out Wembley Arena performance under their belt, I can imagine that the band will be putting together something that will be absolutely spectacular! 

Nightwish comment : 

“We can’t wait to hit the mighty Bloodstock Festival in 2018! By then we’ll be in full flight on our ‘Decades’ World Tour (a retrospective) so expect an unusual setlist with a bit of nostalgia for the old fans, but some recent epics for the new. We will throw ourselves into it with everything we’ve got so be there!”

  Sounds like it will be something for every fan here. Don’t miss out! 

Currently you can pick up early bird tickets here to the festival for £125. VIP tickets will be available from September 1st. 

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