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One of the scenes fastest rising bands, Venom Prison are a band like none of their contemporaries. Applying elements from the likes of Hardcore, Death Metal and even Black Metal they need to be heard to be believed but thats not all…

Fronted by Larissa Stupar the band’s newest release Animus tackles all manner of ghastly things. From the topic of rape, mental health, religion and everything else that is seemingly wrong in the world, dealing with issues as ugly as the bands sound, they are paving the way for what bands of the present day should aspire to. Aiming to change the injustice in the world along with gender stereotypes, particularly apparent in Metal.

Speaking with both Larissa and Joe, the two approach the tentative subject of mental health and particularly with Larissa being female, the idea of the female representation in Metal. Which is so often a derogatory image painted of a big boobed, leather loving girl that doesn’t even know anything about Metal. In fact it is the contrary. Women are, in part, one of the biggest contributors to the Metal scene and should never be objectified or viewed as vehicles for the use of men. Overtly sexualised when in reality it shouldn’t matter whatsoever, you don’t see Metal fans looking at whoever might be fronting the band and basing not only their ability but their knowledge, understanding and often loyal. Unfortunately women have got the short end of the stick ashamedly. Nevertheless, there lies Venom Prison’s mission statement! They are the ones who want change and not only do they have a fantastic vehicle for it, they’re coming after the scene with conviction.

Venom Prison will be on tour with Decapitated in November and Animus is out now!

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