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Wrapping up their album cycle for the absolutely brilliant .5: The Gray Chapter in style Slipknot have unveiled their brand new film Day of The Gusano and I was very lucky to be able to see it on an advanced screening!

More than just a Metal band, Slipknot are a lifestyle. As evidenced with the plethora of fans that you can see in the opening shots of their brand new film Day of The Gusano. Spanish for “maggot“, the film follows not only the band but fans themselves. Despite their meteoric rise to success, Slipknot had never performed before in Mexico until now and to celebrate the occasion the band had the performance filmed and directed by the bands own visionary Shawn “Clown” Crahan!

Filmed at their now annual Knotfest in Mexico City, Day of The Gusano brings you right into the world of not only Slipknot themselves but of the fans. The unwavering support put forward by the fans is reciprocated just as delicately by the band itself. Fighting a war on two fronts the film has absolutely fantastic footage of their performance interspersed with shots of the band whilst they were in Mexico City, on a more documentary style level, which will be only available in the cinema experience I might add. Giving a real behind the curtain feeling, you almost feel as though you were to be meeting Slipknot for the first time. The amount of passion put forward by the fans is received by the band themselves often being speechless. In one particularly poignant moment a normally very chatty Corey Taylor gets choked up when meeting a huge fan. Its truly a humbling thing to watch.

What I loved the most about the film was the sense of community felt in the Slipknot world. Regardless of the fact that Slipknot are almost an organisation than a mere band anymore, every single one of these fans got to meet their stars and had just as much an impact on them as Corey’s screams or Jim Root‘s solos would have on their lives.

Beautifully shot and fantastically edited, the live footage is phenomenal. So good that I actually forgot where I was couple of times and ended up clapping to a cinema screen following the end of a song. Most importantly though it resonated with me. It brought me right back to that Download 2013 performance where it was pissing down and everyone got told “Not till I say, jump the fuck up”. That, this essence of the relatable of being able to think back to what it was like when I first saw Slipknot is exactly what Day of The Gusano captured. I could watch it over and over and still get the same feeling. I really mean this, do not miss this, in a cinema no less it’s going to be absolutely brilliant!

Airing September 6th for one day only, Day Of The Gusano will be hitting over 1000 cinemas all over the world. If you’ve not seen the trailer take a look and hopefully it will get you to where you want to be!

Check here to go to Day of The Gusano and see where this brilliant film is playing near you. Don’t mess about. In the words of Shia Leboeuf “Just do it!”.

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