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As if one new album wasn’t enough! Say hello to Cold Dark Place. 

If you were keeping up to date with all things surrounding Mastodon and their new album, you’ll remember that there were rumours that the record was going to be a double album. After that it transpired that the material would be released under Hinds‘ solo project. Now it seems that the band have all decided to get involved and will be no doubt soon announcing the release of Cold Dark Place. 

Inspired by the experiences Hinds has had, personally I think that this is more of his own personal touch but will be released under the Mastodon name. Details are sketchy at the moment but from Hinds‘ instagram upload. Though apparently the new record “Cold Dark Place” was recorded at the same time as Emperor of Sand and is set for a September 22nd release date. 

It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of mood this is going to evoke with the fans. Personally I feel that double albums can be a bit too much to digest sometimes so the idea of releasing the two independently from each other is a fantastic idea and let’s you truly soak in what you’re listening to! Not to mention the material I reckon might be something slightly more different than what we are used to on the record, particularly with the solemn looking artwork. Only time will tell! 

Mastodon’s Cold Dark Place is set for a September 22nd release via Reprise. 

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