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Ok guys, I’m going to get a little bug bear off my chest here. Today a video surfaced of singer Sam Carter of Architects who was condemning a “groper” who grabbed a girl as she was crowdsurfing. Un-accep-table.

For some reason it has been deemed by the Metal world that women don’t have as much of an entitlement to anything to do with the genre than men. What a load of sexist bullshit. A classic example is the male perception of a woman who likes Metal, in particular singers. Lets take Butcher Babies for example, I have proof of this way of thinking because I have had people say to me “They’re just a pair of tits that probably don’t even know proper Metal.” Let me just stop you there. In various interviews I have seen first hand that both Carla and Heidi are not only clued up but have just as much of a love of the same bands as you do, so what gives you the right to criticise them because they are women?


Women constantly feel as though they need to justify themselves in the workplace, sadly this one extends further than just the Metal community but for the sake of argument lets place it on the stage. Singers have the constant idea that male Metal fans could well make  assumptions that a bloke would do it better? Why is that the case? Who has said that just because you have the male anatomy you can play guitar better, that you can drum better, that you can sing better? Women shouldn’t have to answer to anyone or justify their position when a man will simply waltz on in and everything is seen as infinitely better.

I’m sick to death of hearing derogatory comments the likes of “Women don’t know anything about Metal.” Here’s an idea, on my travels working somewhat behind the scenes here, I have met band managers, PR’s, promoters, festival organisers and so much more who are just as, if not more capable of doing a job that men already do, yet still they feel as though they should have to justify themselves! Venom Prison, who I literally interviewed last week, their singers Larissa told me that there are times when she feels as though there is a stigma towards women and she is one hundred and ten percent right.

Which leads me back to my point about Architects, what gives you the right to touch another woman’s body just because she’s corwdsurfing. Imagine if women we’re grabbing anything and everything when you went crowdsurfing? How incredibly invasive is that of your privacy, you paid to go and see your favourite band not to get groped because men think they have the right to! This is sort of behaviour is entirely unacceptable, this thinking that you’re better than someone else LITERALLY because you have a penis and they don’t is absolutely unacceptable and I for one will not stand for it. Lets try and be positive and make women feel equal not only in the work place but everywhere. Nothing gives anyone the right to feel superior than anyone else, at the end of the day, gay, straight, black, white, man, woman, Metalhead or non metalhead we are all the same. We are all people who deserve to be treated as you would want to be treated. Ladies I apologise for the appalling behaviour on behalf on men.

Well done Sam, yet another reason that Architects are absolutely fucking brilliant.

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