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After seven long years of silence, you’ll be glad you held out for the return of Through The Eyes of The Dead

One of my favourite Metal bands that nobody knew about, Through The Eyes of The Dead, named after a Cannibal Corpse track have at last come back to life. If you might not have known about the band they first hit the bloodied headlines with their album Malice, a rip roaring Death a Metal riff fest which was then followed up by Skepsis. This was premium quality Death Metal and with the band beginning to get on the back of some awesome tours, then everything went quiet for a very long time. 

Fast forward now and the band have announced their brand new album Disomus for an October 13th release! I personally couldn’t be happier but the good news doesn’t stop there, the band have also made a brand new track titled “Hate The Living” available. 

The word Disomus is used as a medical term to describe a fétus that has one body but two heads. Lyrically if you’re a fan of all things ghoulish there’s going to be so much to love here. With one of the tracks “Obitual” describing a man buried alive by a cult, “Haruspex” describes a magician who has conjured up an evil spirit via a sacrificial killing and a real life horror that was when a police officer was called out to check on an elderly woman in “Till Solace, She’ll Haunt“. 

These are just some of the lyrics that will be  present on the new record and I haven’t been this excited for new material from a band in a while. Particularly with those themes, it’s going to be like listening to a Horror story. 

Having also changed up in personnel throughout the years Disomus will feature Danny Rodriguez on vocals, Michael Ranne on drums, bassist Jake Ososkie and the engine behind the band Justin Longshore whilst also bringing in new guitarist Steven Funderburk previously from Wretched AND previous singers Nate Johnson and Anthony Gunnells as guest spots.  Could it be that Through The Eyes of The Dead might even satisfy the idiots who go on about the old line up? 

The artwork also sees the return of longtime collaborator Paul Romano for a spooky album cover. Man I cannot wait for this one. As you might expect the single is absolute Death Metal fury, which after seven years is so great to hear. Welcome back. 

01. Hate The Living

02. Obitual

03. Haruspex

04. Of Mortals, We Once Were

05. The Binding Nightmare Hex

06. Vortices In The Stygian Maelstrom

07. Ignis

08. Teras

09. Till Solace, She’ll Haunt

10. Dismal

Through The Eyes of The Dead’s brand new album Disomus will be released October 13th via eOne. 


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