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Finally, the band have released the title track from their forthcoming ripper, Nightbringers and it’s good. Oh is it good.

One of the most established Death Metal acts of recent years, The Black Dahlia Murder are fast becoming the likes of a band that would be put into the same sentence as Suffocation or Immolation. Their contribution to the Death Metal community is absolutely astounding and now, FINALLY, the band have unveiled their seventh studio record Nightbringers.

The track itself reminds me of the likes of Nocturnal and has that clangy style bass that was more prevalent on the earlier material but now the band have a streamlined approach to their songwriting knowing exactly what goes where without hesitation. It’s also worth noting that the song format for this record has almost all of the songs at about 3:30 mins, I reckon they wanted to go straight for the jugular and this could well be the bands finest hour.

The first to feature brand new guitarist Brabndon Ellis, following Ryan Knight’s departure just after the release of Abysmal, now the band are back in the saddle once more. Releasing their brand new single and title track “Nightbringers” today its the first example of what we can expect to see from Nightbringers and boy has Ellis got the leads back to searing standards.

I would imagine that given the recent touring of their older material that the band have subconsciously gone back to their roots with the sound of Nightbringers and that it stems particularly in the vein of Nocturnal. We could well have a Death Metal album of the year on our hands now. I also love the track title “Jars” I bet its got something to do with a weird guy who collects jars with bits of people inside. Stay tuned!

Nightbringers track listing :

  1. Widowmaker
  2. Of God and Serpent, Of Spectre and Snake
  3. Matriarch
  4. Nightbringers
  5. Jars
  6. Kings of The Nightworld
  7. Catacomb Hecatomb
  8. As Good As Dead
  9. The Lonely Deceased

Nightbringers is set for an October 6th release via Metal Blade. 

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