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Its been seven years since the last release that we have had from the Belgian grind freaks and they’ve returned with an album that certainly doesn’t disappoint.

One of the hallmarks of grind is its sheer ferocity. The impossibly difficult to pronounce Leng Tch’e (pronounced Lench) are visibly at home when it comes to these monstrous sounds. From the second you come into contact with “Gundog Alliance” , you’re playing by the band’s rules. Going for the jugular, ensuring maximum impact in minimum time. Razorgrind is more savage maniac than Patrick Bateman’s suave counterpart. The rabid riffing of “AnarChristic” pummels with both guitars and drums forming a fighting sound. Though its not about all out rage, single “Spore” shows the band’s semi Hardcore heritage shine through with moments of blast beats.

Finally figuring out what life was really like if you took “The Red Pill” gives a far more aggressive stance on what the wise old sage that was Morpheus would have granted. What begins in a more Punk sensibility morphs into an almost Hardcore stomp before gathering together agression to expel their signature grind violence. Sometimes  being slightly overwhelming, grind can be taxing to sit through a a full album, a lengthy dose of the Extreme. Leng Tch’e, rather than relying solely on blast beats here the band employ the use of groove just as much as savagery. Sounding like torturers disco “Guinea Swine” is the perfect example and no doubt the most inspired use of keyboards in Death Metal. 

As deadly as they always have been, Razorgrind positively exudes the unpredictable. The grand finale of the almost seven minute “Magellanic Shrine” is a sight to behold and arguably a fantastic representation of all bases the  the band cover not to mention shows an element of experimentation not often seen.  All the while remaining predictable enough to follow but enabling the band to be very much in charge. Despite its feral nature, the blows that Leng Tch’e exact are cold and calculated. Tracks the likes of “Cirrhosis” take no prisoners with singer Serge Kasongo positively ripping through the listener , it’s a fantastic listen that most importantly gets neither tedious nor overwhelming. This one is worth coming out from the gutter for. 

Leng Tch’e’s brand new album Razorgrind is out August 25th via Season of Mist. Preorder the record here! 

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