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Perhaps appearing to be somewhat out of place at Bloodstock Festival, frontman Nate Bergman ensures us that Heavy is simply a state of mind. Meet Lionize!

Set to release their brand new album on September 8th, Lionize will begin their new chapter in the introduction of Nuclear Soul. An album that has a concept based around a Futuristc tyrant that, Bergman assures me has nothing to do with the man in charge at at current (wink, wink).

Performing at Bloodstock festival, the less established acts might be a little nervous pitted up against the likes of the more extreme end of the Metal spectrum, Lionize however are entirely fuelled by it. Taking their signature groove and throwing down the gauntlet, there’s nothing that you could do to discourage Bergman from being, by the real definition, heavy. Taking the time to have a chat with me, the Maryland singer let me in on the idea of comic books, the world of Nuclear Soul and the only true definition of what is deemed to be heavy!

Lionize’s brand new album is out September 8th.

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