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The legendary Punk icons will be making their return this November. 

Having only been seven years (!) since their last release the amorously titled Perfume and Piss, GBH have broken the silence surrounding their new material. Announcing today that the band will be releasing their new album Momentum on November 17th via Hellcat, the band are well and truly back in the saddle. 

Explaining the albums title singer Colin Abrahall states : 

“We’re always looking forward. Next gig, next tour, next album. For us, it is all about momentum. At this point if we stopped moving forward we’d just fall over”.

A witty idea of their and a perfect encapsulation of the “momentum” the band have captured with them. Recorded in Birmingham at Muther Studios. The band have also unveiled their brand new title track “Momentum” which you can hear right now. Though it’s been seven years since the band released new material it sounds like they’ve never even left. 

I would imagine that we will be seeing some tour dates appear soon in support of the record. Fingers crossed! 

You can preorder the album right now here! 

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