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Celebrating its (gasp) ten year anniversary this month is Evile’s absolute astounding Thrash odyssey that is Enter The Grave and it still rips just as hard to this day.

Creating one of the single best Thrash albums of the last decade, Evile got it absolutely spot on with their record, Enter The Grave. As you might have imagined, the record described the various ways of entering the halls of Valhalla. From the likes of witch burnings to armoured battle, Enter The Grave was an absolute masterpiece. Understanding exactly how to create the quintessential Thrash Metal formula, the band were simply put, onto an absolute winner .

Paving the way for the band to release their follow up Infected Nations, Five Serpents Teeth and their latest Skull, it was an album that not only kickstarted the bands career but stood as a symbol for the Thrash movement and its reignition in the mid two thousands. I would also imagine that for a lot of young Thrash fans it was seen as somewhat of a gateway album. Though a little more extreme than the likes of the classics like Megadeth and Metallica, Evile had all the potential in the world.

Currently I’m not too sure what the future holds for Evile but we’re always going to have this absolutely brilliant record to come back to so without further ado, crack open a beer, pop the record on and “Bow down to the Thrasher!

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